State of Aadhaar Survey

The State of Aadhaar Survey 2017-18 (SOA survey) advances the evidence base with the largest survey on Aadhaar to date. The survey provides data representative of the rural populations of three states in India: Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan, and West Bengal.

State of Aadhaar Survey 2017-18
Technical Appendix and Survey data
The technical appendix outlines the research design, methodology, and analysis for the State of Aadhaar Survey 2017-18. Most elements of the design were developed in late 2017 (October and November). Data collection occurred between November 2017 and February 2018. Data cleaning and analysis occurred between February and May 2018.

The survey data file consists of all material required to replicate our analysis. Files include: anonymized, cleaned roster and non-roster survey datasets, variable generation –do files, analysis –do files, output tables, and state-specific questionnaires.

1142 HH in Andhra Pradesh, 965 HH in Rajasthan, and 840 HH in West Bengal

The questionnaire for State of Aadhaar Survey 2017-18 was designed in English and translated to the most prevalent language in each of our states: Hindi for Rajasthan, Telugu for Andhra Pradesh, and Bengali for West Bengal. To access the questionnaire in these local languages, click here.